Final Round in the TN House of Representatives & Senate Chambers

Tuesday is a very full day for those competing in the Final Round. Each student who wishes to be considered for the Final Round MUST check in with us before the Rally Day program begins in the House Chambers.

The students who receive the privilege of a seat in the House or Senate Chambers will be announced during the program. You are eligible for this privilege because of your standing at the end of the Preliminary Rounds on Monday.

Those rounds will be tabulated on Monday night, and the top students from each house will be determined. If you do not check in with us, we will assume that you are not able to attend at all, and your spot will be given to the next student in line. Please, please don't let that happen. There will be a table set up outside the House Chambers that each student can stop at to register before the program.

We are currently planning to offer a gold and silver room for the Final Round this year. That means that the houses for the Final Round will be the same size as though for the Preliminary Rounds. Please note that the schedule for the legislators can be variable, so there's always the chance that we won't be able to offer two rooms. If that happens, we will let everyone know as soon as possible.

Please note...after the Final Round has ended,we are planning for the Awards Ceremony will take place in the Library or Senate Chamber at the Capitol. (on the same floor)