How the Rounds Work

Room Configuration

The room is made up of Representatives, the Presiding Officer, and Judges. Student Representatives sit at tables facing the table occupied by the Presiding Officer. There are at least three Judges in the room for each session, and they usually sit on one side of the room where they can see all students.

Order of the round

1. Presiding Officer will give or have someone give the invocation.
2. Representatives will take the Oath of Office (see below in attachment).
3. Presiding Officer will take preliminary motions and read the first bill.
4. The Sponsor of the bill has priority for giving the first speech.
5. Speeches are then called for in opposition to and in favor of the bill until someone calls for a vote.
6. Once the bill is voted on, the Presiding Officer moves to the next bill on the calendar.
7. A break is taken in the middle of the round.
8. Bills are debated until time is called.


The rounds are typically three hours long for Senior Varsity and two hours long for Junior Varsity. This extended time gives each student the chance to speak several times if they like. We try to limit the number in each house to no more than 15 students. Occasionally there may be one or two more, but the goal is give everyone ample speaking time.

Speech Times:

3 minutes - Sponsorship Speech - This is the first speech that introduces a bill.
2 minutes - All other pro and con speeches
2 minutes - Question time after the sponsorship speech.

Self Timing

The tournament will provide timers for students to use at the well, i.e. the podium. Please note that you are required to keep your own time. You will set the timer to count down the minutes of your speech.