Internet Usage

We are going to allow internet usage in the round this year for the varsity students! Here are the rules that will need to be followed:

1. All devices with internet access are allowed to be used in the round including laptops, phones, and tablets.

2. Internet research must be research. You are not allowed to peruse social media or look up recipes during the round. If you are found to be looking at material that doesn't pertain to Congress, you will be asked to put away your device.

3. You may not bring your device up to the podium with you. This is for your benefit. You present yourself much better if you aren't looking down at a screen while you are talking. You may write notes about what you are reading and take those to the podium.

4. You must cite your source when you quote. You already do this for other events, so it shouldn't be a burden. For example, if you get statistics from the Washington Post, just say something like "on August 16 of 2016, the Washington Post said that 20% of elephant sightings took place in Tennessee."

5. You may share devices as long as the owner is amenable. Please don't grab someone's phone without permission or pass it farther than is comfortable for the owner.

6. All devices must be visible above the table's surface at all times. No one should be using something with the screen concealed from casual observation.