More Details on How Student Congress Works

If you have never participated in this event, the information might seem complicated and overwhelming. We want to encourage you that this is within the reach of all students! Below is a list of the things that you will need/need to know (in concise form) in order to participate. See the documents attached.

Charts of Frequently Used Motions

These two charts with links below will give new students all the guidance that's necessary to follow parliamentary procedure in the round. See the two attachments below dealing with Parliamentary Procedure.

Copy of the bills for research

Choose the Junior Varsity tab if you have a student ages 8-12 or the Varsity tab if you have a student ages 13-18. Print the bills, and read about how to research them on the "research" tab.

Round Structure

Go to the "Round Structure" tab to read about how the round operates, including overall length, and speech times.

Any student who knows these things is ready for the tournament! You don't have to be an expert on parliamentary procedure, you don't have to have legislation included in the tournament, and you do not have to have researched every bill. You actually don't even have to speak during the round, but we think you'll want to once you have a chance to observe how things work for a short while :).