1. Note passing and whispering is allowed within reason. Don't abuse the privilege by talking to your fellow Representatives about topics not related to Congress.

2. Respect the Presiding Officer. Their job is hard, and they need the support of everyone in the House.

3. If there is a problem with the way anything is being handled in the Chamber, please tell the adult who is supervising the Chamber.

4. Please respect the Judges by supporting a motion to adjourn in the middle of a session to give them a break.

5. Make sure the Judges are ready before you begin speaking. This is for your benefit and for theirs. They don't feel rushed, and you get the benefit of their full attention.

6. Monitor your own appearance and behavior at all times. You should always look professional and attentive.

7. Approach the well/podium and make a speech if you have something new to say. Avoid repeating the same information. If all issues a bill presents have been addressed, make the motion to move to the previous question.

8. MOST IMPORTANT: Remember that our greatest aim is to be ambassadors of Christ in all we do.

9. Finally...Have fun!